Kevin Day

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 The Man who needs little introduction and is one of the most beloved racers on the scene today, ladies and gentlemen I give you

Kevin Day!


Nickname: Kday


Cycling Discipline(s): XC Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Gravel, Road


Kevin's thoughts on SCC SLICK: "SCC Tech is a game changer in the bicycle lube industry. I've used every product under the sun and is by far the most versatile, longest lasting lube I've ever tried. I applied the lube as directed, to a dirty chain, then put nearly 300 MTB miles on the bike over the next ten days. By the last ride, my chain was still silent and running incredibly smooth."


Day Job: Brand Manager / Creator of Rollout 


Instagram:  @kdayracing


Places you can go to learn more about Kevin: You can follow Kevin on Facebook and check out his Website.


Kevin's Preffered Brands: Hyperthreads, Endurance 360, Rollout App, Norco Bicycles, Creminelli, Toko
Kevin has been racing bicycles in and around Utah and across the Uniteds States for more than 20 years. During that time he's been a part of many elite cycling teams and has turned many great competitors into great friends. Kevin Day is like the Tom Hanks of bike racing. 


 Kevin Day Footage