Born from stubbornness, we at SCC TECH® do not subscribe to ‘good enough’, we fear complacency and thrive on challenge. We believe yesterday’s success is nothing more than today’s status quo and are single-mindedly focused to deliver optimal value through high quality, innovative products. Our motivation comes from you our customer. When you trust us to keep you running smoothly and reliably, we know we’re moving in the right direction.™


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Kevin, CoFounder / President Len, CoFounder / CEO Tim, Certified in TOB! (Taking-Care of Business)
Our Origin Story

What two stubborn, filthy people can accomplish when they put their minds to it.

SCC TECH was born from the stubbornness of two people who refused to compromise.  Kevin Van Loon and Len Waldron saw a gap in the market offerings for bicycle chain lubricants and knew they could do better.  

Kevin and Len found the brands selling bicycle chain lubricants , despite flashy marketing campaigns and hype of innovation and performance, have not significantly improved the overall quality and performance of their products beyond those available 20+ years ago. To this day, riders still face the same challenges of maintaining a clean, smooth and quiet drivetrain. Riders choose a lube based on weather conditions and terrain, but regardless of the lube selected, proper drivetrain maintenance still requires frequent cleaning, often using harsh chemicals and degreasers in hopes of retaining a compromised baseline of efficiency.

This lack of innovation motivated Kevin and Len to evolve bicycle chain lube beyond the gimmicks and the repackaging of the same old products from yesteryear, and to deliver real value by developing a product that enables a rider’s drivetrain to run Silent Clean & Cool. With the help of a little science and the right composition of high quality, modern ingredients, they found they could enhance drivetrain performance in all weather conditions, lengthen the durations between cleanings, and shorten the time spent cleaning. The result after several years of trial and error through muck, grime, and filth was SCC SLICK, an all-conditions bicycle drivetrain lubricant that is simpler to apply, longer lasting and more intelligently designed than any product on the market.