Ride the road further than ever before with uninhibited power transfer. relentlessly hammer technical trails in whatever conditions mother nature throws at you. intelligently designed and SIMPLE TO USE drivetrain treatment, SCC SLICK will keep you running silent clean & cool in any riding condition, on any terrain



  • Synthetic Based Lubricant
  • Penetrant
  • Detergent
  • Dispersant
  • Proprietary Additive
  • The Result

As cyclists, we're conditioned to see of chain lube as either being 'wet' or 'dry'. In principle, riders sometimes use 'wet' lube in cooler, damp conditions thinking it penetrates deeper and doesn't 'gunk-up' or attract as much debris as a 'dry’ lube, and is easier to clean after a day on wet roads. Alternatively, 'dry' lube is applied hotter, drier conditions presuming it won't evaporate and last longer. When we formulated SCC SLICK, instead of using sub-quality petroleum bi-products that are susceptible composition changes in varying weather, we insisted on a high-quality, synthetic lubricant based that maintains its functional attributes in all riding conditions.    

SCC SLICK contains a highly-effective and fast-acting penetrant capable of reaching into your chain's micro-crevices as small as a millionth of an inch and is able to do so almost immediately. In less than five minutes, SCC SLICK is able to reach deep into your chain and ready to ride, where other bicycle chain products recommend waiting anywhere from 40 minutes to a full day.  

Detergent: When it comes to your drivetrain performance, what you take out is just as important as what you put in . SCC SLICK incorporates detergent additive that as you ride is able to work deeper into your chain the removing contamination trapped in the micro-crevices and floats it to the surface of the outer links. By penetrating and cleaning the micro-crevices of your chain, the lubricating properties of SCC SLICK work their way deep into the chain delivering improved drivetrain performance over longer periods of time. To put it simply, the more you ride, the more effectively SCC SLICK improves your drivetrain performance.

After the detergent property in SCC SLICK cleans and floats contamination to the outer links of your chain, its dispersant properties prevent re-adherence of the contamination back into the micro-crevices of your chain. This keeps the roller surfaces of your chain running smooth and clean. After just one use, the outside edges of your chain may look dirty and contaminated, but the roller surfaces stay clean. By the third ride after the application of SCC SLICK, most riders will notice their drivetrains staying clean in even the dustiest of conditions.

SCC SLICK utilizes a proprietary addictive that binds its 4 main components (Lubricant, Penetrant, Detergent, Dispersant) together. This binding component also has an affinity for metal (think of it as a chemical magnet) enabling SCC SLICK to maintain its composition regardless of weather conditions over long periods of time. The result is a cleaner and better-performing drivetrain that improves overtime the more you ride. 

  • SCC SLICK maintains its composition regardless of climate and does not contain solutions that evaporate or congeal leaving behind gunky residues  

  • Provides superior lubricity - SCC Slick’s premium components minimize friction, providing consistent and smooth power transfers

  • Long lasting - SCC SLICK lasts 3x to 5x longer than other products available on the market - in normal conditions you should only have to reapply every 25 pedaling hours 

  • Designed to wipe clean - All you need to clean your bike's drivetrain is a rag, no more scrubbing with harsh cleaners or taking a flat head screwdriver to your pulley wheel 


The science might be complicated, but the application is easY! 

  • Precleaning your chain is only necessary if there is excessive build up and it's tacky to the touch. If you decide to preclean we suggest using something non-toxic like simple green.

  • Apply a small drop of SCC SLICK to each link 

  • Back Pedal 20-30 times

  • Wait a few minutes

  • Thoroughly wipe your chain, derailleur pulley wheels and chain-rings - SCC SLICK contains a highly effective detergent element that goes to work straight away floating contamination to the surface, so the more you wipe the better 

  • Ride your bike - As you ride the torque and friction you generate will allow SCC SLICK to work further into your chain floating more contamination to the surface allowing SCC SLICK's lubricating properties to work deeper into your chain, improving drivetrain performance overtime

  • Following your ride and without reapplying, give your drivetrain a quick wipe down. Doing this will remove any contamination that has floated to the surface during your ride. A quick wipe down should only be necessary following the first two or three rides, after that your drivetrain will stay clean from ride to ride. It's as simple as this:

  • Reapply every 25 riding/pedaling hours or sooner if there is a decrease in performance or if the chain makes noise.


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  • WHY US

Because we know

We know that your bicycle(s) is more than just a contraption of pedals and wheels, for many of us it's a lifestyle, either you get it or you don't.  The cyclist lifestyle requires sacrifices, you sacrifice time, money, and energy into getting the machine that works for you, so you can capture that feeling that only comes from riding.  It offers a euphoric exhaustion that clears your mind and if not for just a brief moment put life into perspective. For many of us our bike whether its a mountain bike, road bike, gravel bike, or commuter, it  offers an answer to the question why. Why what, you may be asking? Well, that's a good question and it's one only you can answer. What I can tell you is we take pride in helping you discover both the question and the answer.      



SCC TECH was born from the stubbornness of two people who refused to compromise. The Co-founders saw a gap in the market offerings for bicycle chain lubricants and knew they could do better. Kevin felt other brands selling bicycle chain lubricants, despite flashy marketing campaigns and hype of innovation and performance, have not significantly improved the overall quality and performance of their products beyond those available 20+ years ago. To this day, riders still face the same challenges of maintaining a clean, smooth, and quiet drivetrain. Riders have been conditioned to choose a lube based upon weather conditions and terrain, but regardless of the lube selected, proper drivetrain maintenance still requires frequent cleaning, often using harsh chemicals and degreasers.This lack of innovation motivated Kevin and Len to evolve bicycle chain lube beyond the gimmicks and the repackaging of the same old products from yesteryear, and to deliver real value by developing a product that enables a rider’s drivetrain to run Silent, Clean, & Cool. With the help of a little science and the right composition of high-quality, modern ingredients, they found they could enhance drivetrain performance in all weather conditions, lengthen the duration between cleanings, and shorten the time spent cleaning. The result--after several years of trial and error through muck, grime, and filth was SCC SLICK, an all-conditions bicycle drivetrain treatment that is simpler to apply, longer lasting, and more intelligently designed than any product on the market.

Our mission at SCC TECH is to provide intelligently designed and easy-to-use bicycle maintenance products and accessories that deliver real quality and performance to keep every rider riding SILENT CLEAN & COOL.

Born from stubbornness, we at SCC TECH® do not subscribe to ‘good enough’, we fear complacency and thrive on challenge. We believe yesterday’s success is nothing more than today’s status quo and are single-mindedly focused to deliver optimal value through high quality, innovative products. Our motivation comes from you our customer. When you trust us to keep you running SILENT CLEAN & COOL, we know we’re moving in the right direction.

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